The regrouting service offered is the process of removing old grout with a specialized tool that will not affect the tiles.

Then, the area is cleaned and proper new grout will be applied. Regrouting should be done as soon as you notice the grout getting yellow, looking moldy, discolored or the grout is starting to come out.

The damaged grout may not look too bad from the outside, but it can be a dangerous situation from behind the tiles. Sometimes grout can be leaking water; this might be due to missing grout or cracked grout. Even tiny holes, or hairline cracks, can cause a major problem.

There are also many health benefits to regrouting. Not only will it get rid of nasty black mold which can cause severe respiratory problems, but the harsh chemicals you use to combat this mold will no longer be needed. The benefits of regrouting far outweigh the costs. Your tiled zones can look “as new” for a small amount of the cost of retiling or a full remodel.

We have been doing regrouting for the last 17 years in the West Palm Beach, Wellington, Lake Worth, Greenacres and Boynton Beach areas.