Mexican Tile

Mexican Tile Grout Color Change & Polishing

Saltillo or Mexican tile flooring is often found in older Floridian homes.
It was very popular years ago. We enjoy restoring the look of these beautiful floors
by bringing back the richness of its original color and rustic feel.
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Mexican Tile is a floor that needs to be maintained. If not properly sealed and maintained, the floor can actually wear through the sealed finish. Most Mexican Tile requires maintenance to be done every three to five years, possibly sooner depending on the use and traffic in the house.

Maintaining the floors correctly will also stop scuff marks and heavy traffic areas from wearing through to the sealed finish.

Many Mexican tile floors require a heavy duty cleaning to remove surface dirt that has bonded to the existing sealer. We must remove this dirt before the tile is sealed. Over time, this dirt will build up and the only way to remove it is to chemically strip the floor.
If the floor has been properly maintained, we can do a semi-strip. This process involves a deep clean of your tile and grout, neutralize the floor, and then apply a high gloss finish sealer with multiple coats to provide the floor protection and a beautiful finish. Your floors will stay looking good and be easier to maintain.

We will provide you with a bottle of our neutral cleaner to wash and maintain the floor. Proper maintenance on Mexican tile floors will lead to beautiful results and a long lasting floor.